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Basic Tube Bird Feeder
Basic Tube Bird Feeder

Basic Tube Bird Feeder

Basic Tube Bird Feeder is a Green medium size 15" tall 6 port bird feeder. This is a very functional and perfect feeder for beginning and advanced birders. A very strong clear durable polycarbonate plastic tube keeps seed levels visible at all times and will not yellow. The six feeding ports offer room for a few different birds to dine simultaneously. Green plastic surrounds each port, and a wide U shaped perch creates places for birds to sit, which Cardinals appreciate very much. Serves sunflower seeds, mix seeds or shelled peanuts, etc.

The 15" tall tube holds 0.7 quarts of mixed seed, perfect for offering fresh food to your feathered friends. An attached metal hanger at the top of the feeder enables it to be hung in a tree or on a hook. The base has an integrated baffle, to prevent seed from gathering and spoiling. Additionally, drainage holes allow air to enter the feeder and water to drain out for even fresher seed. With its sturdy plastic construction, the Seed Tube Bird Feeder is sure keep your avian friends devoted to your garden season after season. Help a child become interested in birding with this Basic Seed Tube Bird Feeder.

Dimensions: approx. 15" Tall x 3.5" Wide

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