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Backyard Birds Guide for North America
Backyard Birds Guide for North America

Backyard Birds Guide for North America

Backyard Birds Guide for North America is the only comprehensive guide of its kind, this book is for households interested in attracting and identifying birds in their own backyards. In North America alone, 60 million people identify themselves as bird watchers and most hone their skills right in their own backyards. No matter where we live, high rise or house, arid climate or humid, urban area or country, one creature binds us together like no other: the bird.

This National Geographic book by Jonathan Alderfer and Paul Hess will appeal to readers of Backyard Guide to the Night Sky and The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher. Now, there's a book for every family who wants to learn more about the birds they love. Chapters cover all aspects of birding in an easy, accessible way. Vivid illustrations of 150 common species make identification a snap. Tips on feeding, birdhouses, and bird friendly landscapes show how to attract birds to any environment for optimal viewing. Children too can get in on the action with a section devoted to kid friendly projects and activities. To round out this ultimate one stop resource, readers will find expert advice on bird songs, birding optics, and bird photography.

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