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All Weather Bird Feeder
All Weather Bird Feeder

All Weather Bird Feeder

The All Weather Bird Feeder is a 4 Quart Clear weatherproof wild bird feeder. The All Weather Feeder delivers the seed DRY through rain, snow, sleet and ice. Also, the Bird Feeder won't clog up with snow and ice. This is a great benefit and will let the wild birds eat right on through the winter with this protected All Weather Feeder.

The circular perch lets you see all the birds that are feeding, even those on the far side. The bottom tray catches spilled seed for less waste. The large capacity cylinder bird feeder comes completely apart so each piece can be individually cleaned. The mounting of this bird feeder is done by hanging from its top hook.

To draw a crowd of birds, try feeding Sunflower Hearts versus Black Oil Sunflower so they don't have to mess with the hull, or you can try putting some seed in the tray or peanut butter on the holes to further entice the birds to work for their dinner.

The optional Wire Cage accessory prevents squirrels, grackles, doves and other large birds from getting to the seed while still permitting cardinals to feed. It is constructed of extra heavy II gauge stainless steel wire and is sold separately.

Upgrade to the larger capacity 6 Qt 20" Tall version for $10 more by selecting the size option below instead of the default 4 Qt.

Dimensions: 10.50" Diameter x 17" Tall

Note: Optional Wire Cage sold separately

Your Price: $ 98.99

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4 Qt 17" Tall (Default)
6 Qt 20" Tall (10.00)

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