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Wrought Iron Swivel Arm Bracket
Wrought Iron Swivel Arm

Wrought Iron Swivel Arm Bracket

Wrought Iron Swivel Arm Bracket is a 32 inch long Swivel Hanger arm. The Swivel Arm Bracket is perfect for bird feeders and hanging plants. This bracket is heavy duty wrought iron arm with a 22" horizontal reach that can be used as wall, deck, or post mount. The strong bracket can hold 35 lbs. and is made with 7/16" square steel stock. The bracket mount has a square hole in bottom to lock in place at three 90 degree positions by lifting up and then turning to move. It also has a stop so not to come completely out of the bracket holder. It is useful to able to bring the swivel arm in and out to fill bird feeders or water plants. Item comes in black powder coat finish and has 4 mounting screws included. The mounting bracket itself is 4 x 2.5 x 1 3/4". Order two for a matching set to make an attractive symmetrical appearance.

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