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Wrought Iron Pole Set

Wrought Iron Pole Set

Wrought Iron Pole Set an adjustable Shepherd Staff bird feeder pole with two hanger arms and 2 copper tint domes. Wrought Iron Pole has a squirrel baffle cone with a 17" diameter that wraps around its center to stop squirrels from raiding your bird feeders by climbing up the pole. Each arm has a 12 in. reach and it comes with two 14in. Copper tint weather guards to keep bird seed high and dry.

The Shepherd Staff pole is an adjustable wrought iron pole that has an adjustable height knob in the middle. The pole adjusts from 49" to 82" tall above the ground. The overall height of 93" includes the pole's 12" base that has a reinforced step for in ground stability. The pole is made from 7/16" square wrought iron, powder coated with a black semi gloss finish. It's topped off with classy copper tint weather baffles that use attachment hardware of two closed eyelet hangers. It can also be accented with metal bird feeders such as: copper or brass.

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