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Wrought Iron Pole Quad

Wrought Iron Pole Quad

Wrought Iron Pole Quad is a four hanger arm wrought iron pole that can be used as a bird feeder pole or as a hanging plant pole. This wrought iron pole is versatile enough to be used with a combination of both. The pole is adjustable height and can be set to the best height for your purpose.

The wrought iron pole has an adjustable height knob in the middle and incorporates an exclusive safety feature of an allen wrench 'set screw' to lock in place. It is made from 1/2" wrought iron that is powder coated with a black semi-gloss finish. The pole adjusts from 49" to 82" tall above the ground. The overall height of 93" includes the pole's 12" base that has a reinforced step for in ground stability. The four hanger arms each have a 12" reach.

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