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Wrought Iron Bird Feeder Pole

Wrought Iron Bird Feeder Pole

Wrought Iron Bird Feeder Pole is a 4 hanger arm heavy duty 5/8" wrought iron pole with 18" cone squirrel baffle and 18" pole extension. This is an 8 ft tall and very strong pole. Wrought Iron Bird Feeder Pole has two levels for unrestrictive viewing. This heavy duty magnum crane shepherd staff pole is a quad arm 5/8" solid square steel pole with knock down middle with an 18" pole extension inserted for added height. This added height moves the bottom hanger arms up to allow a cone squirrel baffle room to be place below them at the recommended 4-5 ft off the ground. The extra strong steel pole is perfect for large capacity bird feeders and hanging plant baskets combination.

106 inch overall pole has an 96 inch above ground height with two 10 inch steps for added stability in the ground. The plant hanger arms have a 12 inch reach. The top right and bottom hanger arms are detachable. Hand made heavy duty 5/8" solid square wrought iron pole comes in a black powder coat finish. Enjoy this strong and 8 ft tall Bird Feeder Pole.

Dimensions: 8 ft Tall above ground

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