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Woodpecker Feeders

Attract Woodpeckers with Suet, Sunflower and Peanut feeders on Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Poles. Woodpeckers love Suet, Sunflowers and seed wreaths in their special feeders. By providing their favorite foods, Woodpeckers will be sure to come to your backyard for you to enjoy. Some of the Woodpeckers shown below are the Downy, Hairy, Flicker, and Red Belly Woodpecker. The male and female often have a patch of red that identifies them.
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Bird Seed Bell Set
Bird Seed Bells with a Birdie Bell holder includes a set of three different seed bell types of sunflower seeds, peanuts and mixed seeds (shown in holder). Woodpeckers and songbirds love these feeders
$ 26.95
Bird Seed Birdie Wreath
Bird Seed Wreath is a Birdie Wreath of quality bird seed for Spring/Summer. Attractive design makes a nice holiday gift. (Backordered)
$ 19.95
Copper Double Suet Feeder
Copper Double Suet Feeder is a brushed copper Double Suet Cage bird feeder. The wire mesh suet feeder holds two standard suet or seed cakes. The brushed copper roof extends over and protects the suet below.
$ 19.95
Large Sunflower Bird Feeder
All Metal Large Sunflower Bird Feeder is a brass metal Hourglass mesh feeder made to attract many Songbirds and Woodpecker wild birds with sunflower seeds. The Sunflower bird feeder has two perching rings.
$ 29.95
Recycled Suet Bird Feeder
Recycled Suet Bird Feeder with tail prop for woodpeckers like this Flicker is a recycled plastic bird feeder in Hunter Green and Driftwood.
$ 18.95
Squirrel Proof Suet Duo Bird Feeder
Squirrel Proof Suet Duo Bird Feeder is squirrel proof suet feeder with metal wire cage and roof. Very easy to fill with two suet cakes.
$ 34.95
Stainless Steel Peanut Bird Feeder
Tall 14 in. Peanut Bird Feeder makes a perfect Woodpecker Feeder. The peanut silo is a stainless steel tube bird feeder with optional clear weather dome. (Dome Additional)
$ 54.95
Suet Recycled Bird Feeder
Suet recycled bird feeder is a great way to be Going Green. You and your birds benefit by choosing recycled products because these recycled plastic doesn't absorb water, so it won't harbor mold or bacteria.
$ 17.95
Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder
Sunflower seed tube bird feeder is tan with straight sided mesh to hold sunflower seed. Wild Birds like these Cardinals and Woodpeckers love this No No Sunflower Feeder small tray to perch on.
$ 34.95
Sunflower Seed Wreath
Sunflower Seed Wreath is a nice decoration to hang from a tree to attract birds and to feed themselves with a great source of energy. (Backordered)
$ 19.95
Sunshine Suet Bird Feeder
Sunshine Suet Bird Feeder is a cage suet bird feeder that includes a Woodpecker Delight suet cake. It is a bright yellow metal feeder like the sun rays or sunflower petals.
$ 18.95
Upside Down Suet Bird Feeder
Recycled Plastic Upside Down Suet Bird Feeder in Hunter Green and Driftwood. Lets " Go Green" and feed your Red Belly Woodpeckers in style!
$ 23.95
Whole Peanut Feeder Wreath
Whole Peanut Feeder Wreath is a unique way to attract Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and other nut loving birds. The circle of life spiral bird feeder lets birds peck away until they get their reward.
$ 24.95
Woodpecker Peanut Bird Feeder
Woodpecker Feeder is a peanut bird feeder that is a 10 in. tall stainless steel mesh bird feeder that comes with its own Weather Dome.
$ 49.99