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Wind Chimes

Classical wind chimes and wild bird theme wind chimes accent your backyard habitat. The wind chimes tuned tubes and rods make pleasing sounds and random wind driven melodies.
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Canon Wind Chime
Pachelbel Canon Wind Chime is tuned to the melody of Johann Pachelbel's celebrated Canon. A best seller!
$ 42.95
Cardinal Wind Chime
Cardinal Wind Chime is a stained glass wind chime with tuned tubes and copper accented. The Cardinal Wind Chimes has a large 6 inch wide stained glass red Cardinal.
$ 31.95
Copper Bells Wind Chime
Copper Bells Wind Chime is inspired by ancient chinese bells.
$ 29.95
Gregorian Wind Chime
Gregorian Wind Chime is tuned to a medieval scale in the alto range, this chime echoes the vocal music of the gothic era.
$ 52.95
Olympos Wind Chime
Olympos Wind Chime is an exotic and melancholy tuned to a beautiful ancient Greek scale from the 7th century B.C.
$ 62.95