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White Cottage Birdhouse

White Cottage Birdhouse

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White Cottage Birdhouse is white with lavender trim and a favorite bird house of song birds. A cottage like this White Shotgun Cottage Birdhouse is found around New Orleans and the surrounding area. The Bird House includes a signature Fleur De Lis on the front door. Common nesting birds such as Wrens, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Titmice will appreciate the comforts of this functional birdhouse with its 1.25 inch diameter access hole.

A removable back wall and a pine shingled roof are just some of the features. An included bracket is attached on the back for tree or post mounting. Mount about 6-10 ft off the ground. The bird house can also be mounted on our 'Bird House Pole' (6.6 ft High - sold separately) with optional predator guard. Songbirds will all be thrilled to find these bird dwellings equipped with removable back walls, unpainted natural interiors and non-toxic outdoor grade paint.

Dimensions: 10 H x 8 W x 6 D
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