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Tube Bird Feeders

Tube bird feeders are a class of bird feeders that can actually cover a wide variety of bird feeders. There are true tube bird feeders with long clear tubes with ports that come set up to deliver different types of seed like sunflower or thistle. Feeders can even come that cater to specific birds like Cardinals.

There are also wire mesh, wire screen or wire cage tube feeders. Some Feeders have triple tubes, over-hang roofs, wire perches or trays. Special feeders can have large capacity or be all metal. Feeders can be good at deterring squirrels, Grackles and Doves from taking over a feeder. All depending on what you want or don't want your bird feeder to do. We feature the Best in Class tube bird feeders whose materials are meant to last, with good designs for bird seed delivery and are easy to maintain.

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Adjustable Dome Bird Feeder tray
Adjustable Dome Bird Feeder Tray is a perfect feeder tray to serve many different types of seed. The feeder has a clear 11 inch adjustable dome that protects the seed in its tray. This bird feeder multi purpose tray can be used for feeding birds different seeds, fruit, mealworms or suet.

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$ 19.95
Aspects Small Tube Bird Feeder
Aspects small Bird Feeder is a Quick Clean antique brass 10" tube bird feeder. Works nice as Window feeder or on shepherd staff pole
$ 34.95
Big Tube Bird Feeder Spruce
Large 20 inch tall Big Tube Bird Feeder with Spruce metal ports and big 4 inch diameter tube bird feeder. Has 6 special Cardinal seed ports staggered for easy viewing of your birds.
$ 75.95
Bird Feeders Bird Feeder
Best in class bird feeders bird feeder is a multi seed tube bird feeder that has Quick Clean base with large capacity and 6 metal feeder bird seed ports. Great with sunflower seeds to attract most birds.

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$ 54.95
Bird Seed Catcher
Bird Seed Catcher saves your lawn and clean up with its 16" diameter bird feeder Seed Hoop! Catches up to 90% of spilled bird seed and shells! Works great with tube bird feeder sizes. (Feeder Sold Separately)
$ 22.95
Bird Seed Catcher Large
Bird Seed Catcher saves your lawn and clean up with its 24" diameter bird feeder Seed Hoop! Catches up to 90% of spilled bird seed and shells! Works well with larger bird feeders and pole arms with 12" reach or greater. (Feeder Sold Separately)
$ 25.95
Bronze Perch Bird Feeder
The Bronze Perch Bird Feeder adds a classy touch to your backyard. Large capacity feeder holds 3 pounds of seed and combines the lines of Old World design with a contemporary flair
$ 69.95
Cardinal Bird Feeder With Tray
Favorite Cardinal Bird Feeder is the Fancy Swirl Deluxe tube bird feeder complete with Dome, tube feeder and Cardinal bird feeder tray.
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$ 76.95
Cardinal Metal Bird Feeder
Cardinal Metal Bird Feeder with extended Roof is a wire mesh all metal bird feeder with small tray. The tray is what Cardinals like to perch on to feed. The roof has a nice overhang to protect the seed in the feeder and tray.
$ 38.95
Cobalt Blue Bird Feeder
The Cobalt Blue Bird Feeder has twin chambers to hold 2 types of bird seed. Blue feeders 2 wire mesh seed compartments allow for large seed like sunflower or safflower and small seed like thistle or sunflower chips.
$ 38.95
Copper Lantern Bird Feeder
Copper Lantern Bird Feeder is a classy carriage lantern bird feeder. Perching birds like Cardinals will love this metal feeder with extended perches. Elegant design has a brushed copper metal finish.
$ 24.95
Copper Sunflower Bird Feeder
Brushed Copper Sunflower bird feeder attracts birds like Cardinals with style. Roof over hang helps keep this high capacity sunflower feeder seed out of the weather.
$ 46.95
Copper Thistle Bird Feeder
Brushed Copper thistle tube bird feeder is just plain gorgeous. This high capacity wire mesh feeder is designed to pass thin thistle bird seed.
$ 48.95
Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder
Copper finished Triple Tube Bird feeder is a lagre capacity hanging bird feeder that can be filled with three different bird seeds. Easy to remove, threaded plastic weather guard top and tray simplifies filling.
$ 81.95
Copper Turret Tube Bird Feeder
The Copper Turret Bird Feeder can add a refinement to your backyard. Medium capacity feeder holds 1.3 pounds of seed and puts it in a classy polished brushed copper design.
$ 71.95
Goldfinch Thistle Bird Feeder
Goldfinch Thistle Bird Feeder is yellow with wire mesh to hold thistle seed. Internal seed retainers keep seed in upper levels so more birds can use. The Goldfinch just love to cling to their thistle Feeder.
$ 31.95
Goldfinch Thistle Tube Bird Feeder
Special Goldfinch Thistle Tube bird feeder is an 8 port finch feeder designed to hold and deliver thistle bird seed. 15 in. Tube finch Feeder is just right to attract the Goldfinch.
$ 43.95
Hanging Baffle Tube Bird Feeder
Excellent Hanging Baffle and best tube bird feeder together make a great squirrel proof bird feeder that you will enjoy for a long time.
$ 74.90
Metal Mesh Bird Feeder
Metal Mesh Bird Feeder with Roof Extension is a yellow wire mesh bird feeder for sunflower seeds. The sunflower feeder is an all metal feeder that will deter pests and resist squirrel damage. This 8" diameter sunflower bird feeder is a unique collapsible wire mesh metal bird feeder.
$ 24.95
Metal Port Tube Bird Feeder
This 15 in. polycarbonate tube bird feeder has special Quick Clean base and UV protected clear tube feeder. Bird feeder metal top, bottom and 4 seed ports are antique brass.
$ 39.95
Snow Man Solar Bird Feeder
The Snowman Solar Bird Feeder is a wire mesh sunflower bird feeder. This Mr. Snow man is designed with solar light to glow at night. Have some fun with your bird feeders.
$ 26.95
Snow Woman Bird Feeder
The Snow Woman Bird Feeder is a wire mesh sunflower bird feeder. The Mrs. Snowman is designed to be functional and decorative. A fun attractive feeder for all seasons.
$ 26.95
Spiral Bird Feeders Tray
Spiral Bird Feeders Tray is a clear screw on seed tray that fits only the Spiral style of feeders. This 8 inch Spiral tray helps keep mess off your yard, deck and gives birds the opportunity to use fallen seed.
$ 15.99
Spiral Goldfinch Bird Feeder
Goldfinch Bird Feeder that they love is this Big Yellow 17.5 in. Thistle bird feeder. Goldfinch bird feeder that really attracts them!
$ 31.95
Spiral Large Sunflower Feeder
Super Spiral large 18 inch Green Sunflower Bird Feeder holds about 3 qrts of and feeds a lot of birds at one time.
$ 42.95
Spiral Sunflower Bird Feeder Tray
Spiral Bird Feeder that the Goldfinches and Cardinals loves is this Big 17.5 in. copper color Spiral Sunflower bird feeder with tray.
$ 48.95
Spiral Tall Goldfinch Bird Feeder
This Spiral Goldfinch bird feeder is a 36 in. Tall Thistle Tube bird feeder size that birds and birders can appreciate! More perch area means more birds, shown here with 15 Goldfinches.
$ 45.95
Spiral Thistle Bird Feeder
Finch Bird Feeder that the Goldfinch loves is this Big 17.5 in. copper color Spiral Thistle bird feeder. Goldfinch bird feeder that really attracts them!
$ 35.96
Squirrel Dipper Bird Feeder
Squirrel Dipper Bird Feeder prevents squirrels from eating all your bird food! You save money on seed when you use a Squirrel proof Dipper. The Dippers four seed ports have individual weight sensitive perches.
$ 110.95
Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder
Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder is large capacity bird feeder that really stops squirrels! The Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder blocks gray squirrels, grackles and mourning doves from reaching tube feeder bird seed. Materials used resist weathering in harsh environments.
$ 110.95
Squirrel Proof Cage Feeder
Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder is a Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder. This bird feeder is 20 inch tall and has 4 ports to deliver the sunflower seed, a songbirds favorite.
$ 88.95
Squirrel Spinner Bird Feeder
Squirrel Spinner Bird Feeder is a bird feeder with a motorized perch ring that allows birds to eat while preventing squirrels from getting a meal. When a squirrel hops onto the feeder's perch ring, the perch begins spinning, taking the squirrel for a whirl before it loses its grip.
$ 149.99
Steel Magnum Sunflower Bird Feeder
Steel Magnum Sunflower Bird Feeder feeds songbirds their favorite type of seed with plenty of room for all on its large capacity mesh feeder.
$ 42.95
Steel Magnum Thistle Bird Feeder
Steel Magnum Thistle Bird Feeder feeds Goldfinches their favorite type of seed in its large capacity bird feeder.
$ 42.95
Sunflower Seed Mesh Bird Feeder
Sunflower Seed Mesh Bird Feeder is a squirrel resistant metal wire mesh sunflower Feeder. The Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder is a very good bird feeder to attract many different wild birds. This bird feeder works for perching birds like Cardinals and clinging birds like Woodpeckers who go all over the wire mesh.
$ 31.95
Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder
Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder is a large capacity wire mesh bird feeder. This all metal feeder is squirrel resistant that clinging and perching birds will love to use. Works well with any of our Deck Bird Feeder Poles and Bird Feeder Poles. One of the best!
$ 39.95
Thistle Tube Bird Feeder
Thistle Tube Bird Feeder is a burgundy Thistle Feeder 15 inch tall. This thistle feeder has 6 special thistle ports to deliver this special seed, a Goldfinches favorite. The top lid is easily removed for cleaning and filling. Available in yellow.
$ 33.95
Triple Tube Bird Feeder
Triple Tube Bird feeder is a lagre capacity 9 port hanging bird feeder that can be filled with three different bird seeds. Examples are sunflower seeds, mix seeds or shelled peanuts, etc.
$ 45.99
Upside Down Goldfinch Feeder
Upside down Goldfinch Feeder and 13 in clear Dome is a thistle bird feeder especially for the Goldfinch. Unique upside down feeder attracts Goldfinches and discourages red House Finches.
$ 23.99
Woodpecker Peanut Bird Feeder
Woodpecker Peanut Bird Feeder is a bird feeder that is a 13 inch tall stainless steel wire mesh tube bird feeder. This feeder will hold peanuts and black oil sunflower seeds.
$ 34.95