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Thistle Bird Seed

Thistle Bird Seed

Thistle Bird Seed is two 5 lb bags for a total of 10 lb of Nyjer / Thistle seed. Is Premium Bird Seed of All Natural and No Fillers! Essential Seeds for Optimum Songbird Attraction and Health. Ingredients include Nyjer Thistle Seed. Attracts American Goldfinch, Pine Siskins, Buntings, Purple Finch, House Finch and More! The thistle seed is small thin seed that can flow through traditional slit thistle feeders. It is necessary to use a thistle tube port or fine meshed feeder specifically made to deliver the small, narrow Thistle seed. Thistle Bird Seed is one of the two main seeds that attracts many different songbirds. A great attracter of Goldfinches! If you have not seen a Goldfinch in sunlight, you are in for a sight. You may think someone's yellow canary got loose and is at your feeder! Beautiful!

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