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Suet Bird Feeder With Baffle

Suet Bird Feeder With Baffle

Suet Bird Feeder is a cage feeder with a clear hanging baffle. The baffle protects its Suet Bird Feeder from the weather and squirrels. A suet bird feeder is great to bring around the wild birds such as: downy woodpeckers, red belly woodpecker, nuthatch, tuft titmouse, chickadees, etc. Shown here is a nuthatch enjoying some peanut suet. 1 Peanut Suet cake is included with the cage so you can start using it right away. You can tuck the green suet cage inside the dome vertically or horizontally (face down) to make it hard for any birds who aren't the clingers above to get at it. Get this special suet feeder and be amazed at the wild birds you will attract.

Dimensions: 12" Dia. x 6" Deep Dome

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