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Squirrel Stopper Pole White

Squirrel Stopper Pole White

White Squirrel Stopper bird feeder pole that's a real squirrel stopper! The pole with its large squirrel stopper baffle blocks squirrel pole climbing to your bird feeders and makes it a squirrel proof system. The inverted Cone baffle on the pole stops squirrels and racoons before they can get to bird feeders. With the Squirrel Stopper you can - Feed the birds without feeding the squirrels! Impressively strong heavy duty pole design is 8 ft tall with two 3 ft wide across strong hanger arms. Main support pole is 2" outside diameter and 1" dia. cross poles with eye bolts. Assembles in minutes without tools with twist and lock fit! Includes attachable auger to allow for easy installation in any type of ground. Hang large dome all weather baffles, any style bird feeders or hanging plants (not included). Durable steel construction - rust resistant with 16 gauge white powder coated steel tubes. Put this capable system to work for you!

Dimensions: 3ft x 3ft x 8ft tall

See Squirrel Stopper Assembly Instructions

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