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Squirrel Proof Poles

NOTICE: The Squirrel Proof Poles in this Category are not AVAILABLE.
Due to the Wuhan Coronavirus that America is dealing with, the Illinois Governor shut down business in his state where one of our major warehouses is located. Consequently this has affected all of our Squirrel Proof Poles in this section. Please check back with us periodically for updated massages and thank you for your patience during this time.

Bird feeder poles that block squirrels make Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders. Squirrel Proof poles have pole squirrel baffles below to block squirrels from climbing the pole. A complete system can include bird feeder poles, bird feeders, and squirrel baffles. These 1 inch diameter poles have 60 thousands wall thickness and are the strongest in the industry. The lead time prior to shipping these pole systems is within 1 week.

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Bird Feeder Pole 5 ft Section
Bird Feeder Pole 5 ft Section for 1 in. diameter poles. This pole section has .060" thick walls which are very strong. The actual section is 60 in. long and does not have any tapered ends, a flange, or any other pole parts included.
$ 26.99
Not for Sale
Bird Feeder Pole Extension
Bird Feeder Pole Extension for 1 in. diameter poles. Extends the pole height of an existing pole within its Squirrel Proof Poles category by 26" .
$ 18.99
Not for Sale