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Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Assembly Instructions

Excellent bird feeder poles that are Squirrel Proof. These Bird Feeder Poles with their Squirrel Proof baffle effectively stops squirrels which makes them a squirrel proof bird feeder system. It is the large black cylinder squirrel baffle that stops squirrels and chipmunks from climbing up their 1" diameter pole. It stops them before they can get to your bird feeders.

Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Assembly Intructions below show how easy it is to have your own squirrel proof bird feeder pole system.

Need a Squirrel Proof Bird Pole?

Shown below are just two examples Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Twist and Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Quad .
You can also use these as general instructions for other poles in our Squirrel Proof Poles category, allowing for the different configuration of parts.

Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Twist 
  1. Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Twist
Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Quad 
  2. Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Quad

Squirrel Proof Bird Pole Assembly Steps

(Tip: At the 2" tapered end of pole sections, apply 2 wraps of 2" or 1" white masking tape for a snug fit!)

First choose the location a minimum of 8 ft away from any object a squirrel can launch a sideways jump from.

Assembly procedures with expanded parts view :
A. To start, put a screw driver into the Ground Socket (1) hole and turn into the ground. Ground Socket needs to go into the ground straight.
(To make sure it is straight you can temporarily set pole section 2 into the socket and make sure it is straight vertically.)
B. Continue turning ground socket (1) until its collar below the screw driver is flush with ground.
C. Insert 20" pole extension (2) (with its tapered end up) into the Ground Socket (1)
D. Insert second 20" pole extension (3) (with its tapered end up) into 20" pole extension (2)
E. Insert 28" pole section (4) (with no tapered ends) into 20" pole extension (3)
F. Insert adjustable Clamp (5) onto 20" pole section (4) and tighten screws so that the clamp is about 4 - 4.5 off the ground
G. Insert black cylinder squirrel baffle (6) over pole section (4) and rest on its clamp
H. Insert tapered end of Swirl Section pole (7) into 20" pole section (4) (If present in your pole system)
I. Assemble pole section (8), hanger arms section (9) and top finial (10) together BEFORE placing on top of pole section (7)
J. Tighten turn screw (11) of ground socket to lock pole in place.

Squirrel Proof Pole Expanded Assembly 
  Squirrel Proof Pole Expanded Parts View

Bird Feeder Pole Placement is key!

Bird feeder pole placement is also critical in having a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole. The Squirrel Proof Bird Pole placement should be located a mimimum of 8 ft (10 ft if you have room) away from any object a squirrel can launch a "sideways" jump from. These jump points include a tree trunk, tree branch, wall, fence, stiff bush, rock, bird bath, etc. If the ground is very dry and hard, try watering the ground thoroughly the day before installling. When properly installed bird feeders should hang between 5 ft to 6 ft off the ground.

Get A Squirrel Proof Pole Now!

Follow these instructions and successfully create your own Bird Feeder Pole system and have squirrel proof bird feeders! Choose the system that will serve your best from our Squirrel Proof Poles selection.