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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders FAQ

Posted by Backyard Wild Birds on 9/1/2015
This blog is about posting FAQ's with answers on Backyard Wild Birds. That is, we will post questions that we recieve from 'Contact Us' that may also benefit others and help us all enojoy backyard birding a little more. A main focus will be Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders and Raccoon Proof Bird Feeders but will include everything from bird baths to birdhouses. You can also see our other Backyard Blogs that are more topic specific here.

More Backyard Wild Birds FAQ's to follow soon!


Date 9/5/2013
Karen Dugan
How do users fill the bird feeders when using the 10' pole system?
Date 9/5/2013
Backyard Al
I assume you are talking about the Deer Proof Bird Feeder Pole. This a very tall 10 ft pole. It puts the bird feeders out of the reach of the deer. The system includes an additional 5 ft pole section with an 8” hanger hook used to place bird feeders on their top long hanger arms. Just place your feeder on the hook, raise up and transfer onto the hanger arms above.
Date 4/25/2018
Are extension poles available for the Squirrel Stopper Pro pole system? I would like to go 10 feet high and prefer a thicker (2 inch diameter pole).

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