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Squirrel Peanut Feeder

Squirrel Peanut Feeder

Squirrel Peanut Feeder is a whole peanut feeder that squirrels will love to get their treat from. The Squirrel Peanut Feeder is also a favorite of Woodpeckers like the Red Belly and Downy woodpeckers. They like to peck away to get their peanut reward. The squirrels can lift the lid or get a peanut thru the cage. The Peanut Feeder is made from recycled plastic that is very rugged and will not fade, peel or crack. The Squirrel Feeder is done in Hunter green and driftwood colors. Squirrel feeders are fun, cute, and will keep you entertained.

Dimensions: 10" Wide x 11.5" Tall x 6.5" Deep

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