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Squirrel Baffle Wrap Around

Squirrel Baffle Wrap Around

Squirrel baffle wrap around is a large squirrel and raccoon baffle for 1 inch bird feeder poles. This Baffle Wrap Around is a 22 inch diameter metal baffle. The wrap around style is chosen as a good way to add a pole baffle without having to disassemble the pole. Need to squirrel proof your bird feeders? This chew proof galvanized metal baffle will defend your bird feeders from below. When squirrels or small raccoons try to climb up the pole, they have a hard time getting around this baffle and get to your bird feeders seed! Mount this pole baffle 4.5 to 5 ft off the ground with its included clamp. Locate the bird pole and baffle a min. of 8 ft from an object that a squirrel or raccoon can launch a jump from and watch the fun as they meet their match.

Dimension: Large 22" diameter

Your Price: $ 32.99

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