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Squirrel Baffle Bird Feeder

Squirrel Baffle Bird Feeder

Large Squirrel Baffle Bird Feeder has a brass large capacity metal bird feeder. The squirrel baffle bird feeder makes one effective squirrel proof feeder. This squirrel proof feeder works well both as a stand alone hanging bird feeder on a tree or hung on a bird feeder pole. The Big 20 inch squirrel baffle is large enough to shed squirrels, rain and snow with ease. With such a nice large capacity sunflower feeder it is best to keep the seed as dry as you can. The metal bird feeder is made from a collapsible wire mesh which is very durable. Clinging songbirds then can go all over the wire mesh feeder and birds that prefer to perch can use the ring. With this style of sunflower bird feeder a lot birds can feed at one time. The birds shown are Cardinal, Goldfinch, Chickadee and a Downy Woodpecker. A backyard birders must have!

Dimensions: 20" Dia. Dome and 6.5" Tall x 9.5" Dia. Feeder

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