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Post Squirrel Cone Baffle Pole
Post Squirrel Cone Baffle Pole

Post Squirrel Cone Baffle Pole

Post Squirrel Cone Baffle Pole with two 14 inch upturn straight hanger arms with a twist, 22" cone baffle and ground screw. This Post Squirrel Cone Baffle Pole hardware is just what is needed to have a strong bird feeder pole using a standard 4x4 post. The ground screw is made for a 4 x 4 post (actual 3 5/8" x 3 5/8" ) is 24" tall with 20" in the ground. The post must actually measure 3 5/8" square or be able to trimmed to that size.

The 22" tan wrap around baffle is designed to keep squirrels and raccoons from climbing the post. The two Bird feeder hanger arms are large upturned 14" brackets that are hand made with wrought iron (screws not included). Because the ground screw holds the post above ground, it maintains its full height and eliminates the digging a hole with post deterioration in the ground. For example purposes the post shown is a standard 8 ft French Gothic 4x4 fence post which is not included. Just add the post of your choice.

Note: Post not included

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