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Pole Predator Cylinder Guard

Pole Predator Cylinder Guard

Pole Predator Cylinder Guard is designed to fit the 2 inch square pole of our Tall Bird Pole Rack system and Purple Martin Pole System. Metal Predator Guard protects your birds from ground predators by blocking their ability to climb the pole. Climbing predators such as raccoons, squirrels, and snakes need to be stopped from consuming eggs, young and adult Martins.

The Pole Predator Cylinder Guard attaches to the pole either above or below the winch. It can be mounted by wrapping it around without disassembling the pole. If desired, it can also be removed temporarily for nest checks. For best results it should be above 4 ft off the ground and if necessary add a hole to place the cable inside. The guard is made of galvanized sheet metal that will last a very long time. Also, see our 2 inch square Tall Bird Pole Rack system and Purple Martin Pole System which are sold separately. Add this shining lone star Predator Cylinder Guard and increase your Martin fledgling rate.

Dimensions: 24" Long x 7" Diameter

Your Price: $ 47.95

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