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Metal Stand Bird Bath
Metal Stand Bird Bath

Metal Stand Bird Bath

Metal Stand Bird Bath is a nice metal frame bird bath with a 14" diameter dish. This bird bath is a unobtrusive addition to your outdoor decor. Water is a natural attraction to bring in wild birds for us all to see. Other Birds that you might not normally see will come to water. Catbirds in particular love a bird bath.

The plastic dish is 1.5" deep and has a 14" diameter which makes it nice for the birds. The metal stand shaft is 3/8" round rod and supports the screw in cradle that holds the water dish. The stand is about 33" above ground with a 6” in ground step stake for stability. The default color is green for the water dish but we also have terra cotta and black color that you can choose as an option.

Dimensions: 33" Tall x 14" Diameter bowl

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