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Metal Mesh Bird Feeder

Metal Mesh Bird Feeder

Metal Mesh Bird Feeder with Roof Extension is a wire mesh bird feeder for sunflower seeds. The sunflower feeder is an all metal feeder that will deter pests and resist squirrel damage. This brass sunflower bird feeder is a unique collapsible wire mesh metal bird feeder that can feed 10 to 15 birds at one time. Being a large open bird feeder means many songbirds can cling to its side and also perch on its ring to be able to feed all at once. It can hold 2.5 lbs of black oil sunflower seeds. It is an easy to fill and easy to hang mesh bird feeder has no wood or plastic parts to break or be damaged. Extended roof on its Brass finish all metal bird feeder structure means squirrel can not chew thru it and completely clean it out. It can dispense black oil sunflower seeds, or cardinal mix.

Dimensions: 6.5" Tall x 9.5" Diameter

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