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Mandarin Hanging Bird Feeder

Mandarin Hanging Bird Feeder

Mandarin is the original hanging bird feeder and an excellent bird feeder defender from squirrel attacks, like when hanging from a tree. With the Mandarin bird feeder squirrels simply cannot get around its 17" dia. steep slope dome from above. They hang on by a back foot to tilt down and get access, but to no avail. They just slide right off!

You won't have to fill the feeder as often either with a large 1 1/2 gallon bucket. The bucket has a clear view of seed level and easy-flow seed dispensing. We included useful bucket dividers that separate it into 4 chambers for multi-seed use. This unit has 4 individual seed ports for birds to perch at each chamber. These individual ports are nice for smaller birds like Cardinals and Goldfinches to feed without a crowd. Bird feeder can be hung with include chain or mounted on a 1" diameter pole. The pole mount socket is approximate 1.5" deep. Get yours and watch the fun!

Dimensions: 17" Dia. Dome x 17" High, Wt. 6 lbs

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