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Jewel Box Hummingbird Window Feeder

Jewel Box Hummingbird Window Feeder

Jewel Box Hummingbird Window Feeder with Ant Guard. Prevent ants taking over your hummingbird window feeder by filling the window hummingbird feeder detachable surround ant moat with water. Raised ports divert rain and deter bees/wasps from getting at the nectar. High View Perch bar gives the Hummers a rest at the 3 Feeding Stations. Designed to be very easy to clean and refill. This Hummingbird Window feeder really is one of the best and why it can come with a lifetime Guarantee by manufacturer. Purchase today and bring these remarkable little hummingbirds up to your window for a birds eye view.

Dimensions: 8.5" Long x 6" Wide

Your Price: $ 26.95

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