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Extended Deck Pole With Baffle

Extended Deck Pole With Baffle

Extended Deck Pole swing arm has a 36" extended reach swing arm and a 16" clear weather baffle ready to mount the bird feeder of your choice on. The Deck Pole is specially designed to hang bird feeders outward, off your deck and the baffle will keep the bird seed dry. Recommend using a metal bird feeder if use sunflower seeds. Very nice with Hummingbird feeders, safflower and thistle seed bird feeders.

This hook extends 36 in and keeps your deck surface clean of spilt bird seed and bird droppings. The clamp-on hand knob makes installation easy: simply tighten the hand knob against any deck rail up to 2 in thick and installation is complete. For added stability, install a wood screw into the deck rail through the hole on the clamp. The hand knob makes it easy to swing the extended hook towards you for easy cleaning and filling of your bird feeder. Hook holds up to 15 lbs.

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