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Home > Bird Feeder Poles > Deer Proof Bird Poles
Deer Proof Bird Feeder Pole

Deer Proof Bird Feeder Pole

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The Deer Proof Bird Feeder Pole is 10 ft tall steel pole with 4 long hanger arms. You can deer proof bird feeders by keeping them higher than a deer can reach. A whitetail deer when standing on its hind legs can reach a height of 6 to 8 feet. Select bird feeders that when hanging down are less than 2 ft tall and less than 10 lbs. The Deer Proof Bird Feeder Pole is designed to meet these conditions so you don’t have to worry about foraging deer cleaning out your bird feeders or damaging them.

This very tall Bird Pole has a large Raccoon Baffle which is used to squirrel and raccoon proof bird feeders hung above it. The Bird Feeder Pole is approx. 10 ft tall and has four bird feeder hanger arms with long 22" arms each. The bird pole has a large 6.25 inch diameter cylinder raccoon baffle that is 28" long. The bird pole comes with a twister ground socket to secure it in the ground.

Also includes an additional 5 ft pole section with an 8" hanger hook used to place bird feeders on their top long hanger arms. Bird feeders with wire bails or cords are easiest to lift and transfer onto the pole arms. Care should be taken not to stand directly under pole or have kids under while performing this procedure.

Stop raccoons and squirrels by mounting the pole 10 ft away from objects and the raccoon stopper baffle about 6 ft off the ground. This raccoon baffle sets on its clamp, is free to move around and does an excellent job! Each long hanger arm can support about 10 lbs and try to have the feeders weight balanced between the arms for best stability.

The tubular steel pole has a 1 in. diameter and comes in three pieces below the hanger arms. The four hanger arms are wrought iron and have a 22" reach that can support about 10 lbs on each arm. It is approx. 120 inches above ground. The 28 inch long 6.25" diameter raccoon baffle comes with a mounting clamp that can be adjusted for its most effective and symmetrical height setting. The 20 inch ground socket has 1/2" turning holes to twist in place. Its finish is black semi-gloss, rust resistant, powder coat. Get your deer, raccoon, squirrel, possum, chipmunk, proof pole today! Note: This pole system is not Bear proof and can be bent over by them. The Bird Feeders shown are not included. (Tip: At the 2" tapered end of pole sections, before inserting apply 2 wraps of 2" or 1" white masking tape for a snug fit!)

(Note: Feeders not included, sold separately)

Approx. Dimensions: 10 ft Tall x 4 ft across
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Customer Reviews
Stars Deer Proof Bird Feeder
This feeder did keep the deer from getting the bird seed. However, the pole system isn't strong enough for 50 mph winds. I got home and the pole was bent at the bottom and the feeders were on the ground. My son had to buy a 1 1/4" galvanized steel pipe to slide over the one that came with the kit to add strength and stability. * Editors Note: The only know times an unobserved pole was bent over was after a bear attack, which little can with stand.
Reviewed by: Jeanette Louderback from Nebraska. on 1/26/2014
Stars Awesome
HALLELUJAH!!! This bird feeder pole solved every squirrel and chipmunk problem I've ever had. For over 3 years squirrels were eating all of our bird seed. After setting up the pole without squirrels, you can really see just how much the squirrels were stealing. Let's just say they were eating an extra 3lb bag a week.. Squirrels are no longer a problem, never again will I have to deal with them. Now the trick is trying to find a bird feeder that wasn't built to be squirrel proof! People need to realize stopping squirrels is never going to happen by changing the feeder - YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE POLE SYSTEM!!!
Reviewed by: Carly Foster from Massachusetts, USA. on 8/31/2013
Stars Deer Proof Bird Feeder Pole
The deer proof bird feeder pole was the answer to a prayer. We moved to a new construction home and had no mature trees to put a feeder in. We tried standard poles and 4-5 different feeders. We gave up and missed all winter with no birds. We found this pole, ordered it, it came quickly, assembled quickly, installation was a breeze, is sturdy and works wonderfully. The birds were back in less than 24 hours. Well worth the price! Thank you, thank you!
Reviewed by: Brenda Mayer from Washington, PA. on 4/29/2013
Stars Highly recommend!!
We have been searching for years for a solution to the problem of deer getting into our bird feeders. This pole absolutely works -- I have seen deer grazing on the foliage in our backyard who are unable to reach the bird feeders on this pole! The birds also seem to like the feeders being a bit higher off the ground as well! The price was worth it -- we will save that on the extra birdseed we kept having to buy in a very short time. I highly recommend this item!!!!
Reviewed by: Carol Braun from Ellicott City, MD. on 9/27/2012
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