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Deck Pole Adjust Height 2 Arm

Deck Pole Adjust Height 2 Arm

Deck Pole Adjust Height 2 Arm has fixed hanger arms and clamps directly onto a deck railing no larger than 2 inch wide. This adjustable Deck Pole is 48 inch tall overall and its hanger arms have a 12 inch curved reach. The Deck pole has an adjustable main pole that can move the hanger arms up and down. Its position can be set by a side screw that holds the desired height off of the railing. A bird feeder hanging on its tall arm can have a clearance off the deck railing of about 3 feet.

The forged double hanger arms has a curved arm mounting bracket made from strong wrought iron square steel. Its rectangular U clamp mount can be put on a horizontal surface that is not wider than 2 inches. This forged Deck Shepherd Staff pole makes a very nice double arm deck pole. It will hold two Hummingbird feeders, or wind chime in style.

Dimensions: 48" Tall x 26" Wide

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