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Deck Planter Hummingbird Feeder

Deck Planter Hummingbird Feeder

Deck Planter Hummingbird Feeder is a perfect Hummingbird Feeder for your deck, patio or lawn. The feeder is self contained, somewhat mobile and with adding your planters can have the advantage of using flowers that attract Hummingbirds, like any red trumpet type of flowers. The combination of nectar feeders and Hummingbirds favorite plants really work together to bring them in to your backyard.

The Deck Planter Hummingbird Feeder system is approximately 48" in overall height. The pole shaft is made from 1" strong steel and the system is powder coated with a black semi-gloss finish. The two piece 1" diameter main shaft is 3 ft tall and its top plant holder inserts into it. The bottom wire base has a 16" diameter and elevates the planter 1/4" for good drainage. The three adjustable quick connect 8" wire arms are perfect to place your hummingbird feeders onto.

You add the plant containers that accent your décor and style. As an example, the bottom planter container could have a 12" up to 16" diameter but must have a center drainage hole (roughly 1/2" to 1") in its base to pass thru a mounting screw. The top planter metal holder can hold up to a 12" pot that sets inside it. Wouldn't you like to see all the Hummingbirds visiting your backyard to enjoy what you have setup for them?

Dimensions: Approx. 4 ft Tall x 16" Wide base

Note: Hummingbird Feeders sold separately and Planters are not included.

Your Price: $ 99.99

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