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Deck Bird Feeder Pole Two Arm

Deck Bird Feeder Pole Two Arm

Deck Bird Feeder Pole Two Arm is a deck bird feeder pole with two strong hanger arms. This 36" tall 1" diameter deck pole has two adjustable hanger arms that both have a 16" reach. They attach to the pole with a twist and a turn to most any position on the pole. The Double Hanger Arm Pole allows you to hang tall Bird Feeders on your deck pole. Great when used for two additional bird feeders or decorative items.

This 1 inch diameter tubular steel main pole that can clamp to any horizontal deck rail up to 2 inch thick, measure yours to be sure of a fit. The pole has a tightening knob to secure to deck railing. The main pole section comes in two sections with an overall height of about 36" . Pole has a black powder coat finish. Deck poles can add a lot to a backyard by bringing nature right to you.

Dimensions: 36" Tall x 32" Wide

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