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Deck Bird Feeder Pole Screw Mount

Deck Bird Feeder Pole Screw Mount

Deck Bird Feeder Pole Screw Mount is a fixed bracket arm that screws directly into a deck vertical section. This allows the pole to be mounted any place with a flat surface. This Deck pole is 36" tall overall and has a 13" curved reach that hangs bird feeders away from the railing. From the poles hanger arm point to the top of the railing is approximately 24".

The 36 inch tall Forged Curved Bracket is made from strong 1/2" square steel. Its rectangular screw in mount can be put on a vertical surface and it also has a 1 5/8 inch offset from its main shaft to aide in mounting around railings. The deck pole can easily handle 10 lbs. This forged Deck Shepherd Staff pole makes a very nice deck, post or wall display. It will hold your Bird Feeder, hanging plant, lantern or wind chime in style.

Dimensions: 36" Tall

Your Price: $ 31.95

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