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Copper Bird Items

Products include Copper bird feeder pole system components, Copper Bird Feeders, Copper Bird Baths, Copper Bird Bath Fountains, Copper Bird baffles, and Copper weather guards. Copper makes a great accent in any backyard landscape.
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Bronze Heart Bird Feeder
Bronze Heart Bird Feeder has a unique heart fly thru design that gives birds a heart felt appreciation. It is easy to hang from its ring and you will love to see the birds perched in the center of your heart.
$ 69.95
Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook
Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook and garden hook is a stained glass hook. This Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook is a great garden hook for bird feeders, bird houses or hanging plants.
$ 20.99
Cardinal Wind Chime
Cardinal Wind Chime is a stained glass wind chime with tuned tubes and copper accented. The Cardinal Wind Chimes has a large 6 inch wide stained glass red Cardinal.
$ 31.95
Cardinal Window Panel
Cardinal Window Panel is a circular stained glass decorative panel that features a Cardinal. This Cardinal Window Panel has an 8 inch diameter and is perfect to dress up a window. Really brightens up a room with sunshine colors.
$ 32.95
Copper Bells Wind Chime
Copper Bells Wind Chime is inspired by ancient chinese bells. This 5 Temple Bell design is sure to compliment any decor.
$ 40.00
Copper Bird Feeder Baffle
Gorgeous brushed copper leaf design 18" Bird Feeder Baffle compliments your backyard bird feeder. This acts as a weather guard baffle for hanging bird feeders below it.
$ 34.95
Copper Bird Feeder Dome
Copper Bird Feeder Dome is a 16 in. diameter brushed copper baffle to compliment your backyard bird feeders with a touch of class. The bird feeder dome works with hanging bird feeders as a weather guard.
$ 24.95
Copper Clock with Thermometer
Copper Clock with Thermometer is an indoor outdoor clock with Fahrenheit thermometer and Humidity hygrometer. The quartz based clock has large black Arabic numbers on a cream dial.
$ 39.95
Copper Double Suet Feeder
Copper Double Suet Feeder is a Deluxe Double Suet Cage bird feeder with Copper Electroplated Roof that holds two standard size suet cakes. The Rooftop helps to keep suet protected from the weather. Great for feeding clingers year-round.
$ 21.95
Copper Embossed Rim Bird Bath
Copper embossed rim bird bath adds style to a backyard patio or garden. Works well with the Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain or Copper Lotus flower Dripper Fountain.
$ 59.95
Copper Fruit Jelly Oriole Feeder
Copper Fruit Jelly Oriole Feeder with jelly cup and posts for their favorite fruit. Slice an orange or apple and mount on the two wire hooks and put grape jelly in the glass cup.
$ 34.99
Copper Lantern Bird Feeder
Copper Lantern Bird Feeder is a classy carriage lantern bird feeder. Perching birds like Cardinals will love this metal feeder with extended perches. Elegant design has a brushed copper metal finish.
(Note: Backordered)
$ 24.95
Copper Lotus Dripper Fountain
Copper Lotus flower Dripper Fountain attract birds with the sights and sounds of running water! Lotus flower with petal below design that is sure to please.
$ 57.95
Copper Oriole Bird Feeder
The Copper Oriole Bird Feeder is an Oriole Fruit bird Feeder done in all copper. This Oriole bird feeder has both orange halve holders and jelly holders.
$ 54.99
Copper Seed Log Bird Feeder
Copper Seed Log Bird Feeder is a feeder with one large seed log. The included Bird Seed log has sunflower seeds and mixed nuts to put in its wire cage holder. The seed log or suet ball feeder is great to hang and attract Woodpeckers with their own special seed.
$ 33.95
Copper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
Copper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is a brushed Copper finish Squirrel Proof Tube Bird Feeder with 6 ports and roof. The all metal squirrel resistant cage design prevents squirrels from reaching the bird seed.
$ 75.95
Copper Sunflower Bird Feeder
Brushed Copper Sunflower bird feeder attracts birds like Cardinals with style. Roof over hang helps keep this high capacity sunflower feeder seed out of the weather.
$ 49.95
Copper Thistle Bird Feeder
Brushed Copper thistle tube bird feeder is just plain gorgeous. This high capacity wire mesh feeder is designed to pass thin thistle bird seed.
$ 48.95
Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder
Copper finished Triple Tube Bird feeder is a lagre capacity hanging bird feeder that can be filled with three different bird seeds. Easy to remove, threaded plastic weather guard top and tray simplifies filling.
$ 81.95
Copper Turret Tube Bird Feeder
The Copper Turret Bird Feeder can add a refinement to your backyard. Medium capacity feeder holds 1.3 pounds of seed and puts it in a classy polished brushed copper design.
$ 71.95
Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder
Beautiful Ruby Glass Hummingbird Feeder with copper top is great on a deck pole. Hummingbird Feeder has 3 ports and holds 16 ounces. Hummingbirds love it!
$ 29.95
Solid Copper Bird Bath
Solid Copper Bird Bath adds style to a backyard patio or garden. The Solid Copper Bird Bath is a copper bird bath bowl and twig like metal base. The bird bath stake features a handsome scrolled flower twig vine.
$ 89.95
Tree Of Life Sculpture
Tree Of Life Sculpture is a hand-crafted work of art that makes quite a beautiful center piece. The metal structure with Flamed Copper Plating can signify the web of life.
$ 56.95
Window Squirrel Resist Bird Feeder
Window Squirrel Resist Bird Feeder is a window 12" sunflower bird feeder that resists squirrel attacks with its wire mesh all metal construction. Having a window feeder that scoffs at squirrels is possible!
$ 22.99