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Cattail Sunflower Stake Bird Feeders

Cattail Sunflower Stake Bird Feeders

Cattail Sunflower Stake Bird Feeder are 2 very nice wire mesh bird feeders. Clinging birds like Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Goldfinchs, Nuthatches, etc. will love these 3 feet tall feeders. Perfect feeder for holding sunflower seed, saflower seed, or peanuts. Can be located in the best place for viewing like in a flower bed, garden or just outside a low window.

This is a squirrel and grackle resistant bird feeder because of the all metal construction with 1/4" wire mesh protecting the bird seed with no open ports. The wire mesh tubes are 2.5" in diameter and refill without removing the stake from the ground. The feeders fill from the top and holds approx. 2-3 cups each of seed. Attractive metal top and bottom finish. Would not this decorative garden stake bird feeder make a lovely addition to your backyard?

Dimensions: 36" tall x 2.5" tube Diameter

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