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Cardinal Bird Feeders

Cardinal Bird Feeders are a must have and Cardinals love sunflower seeds. Cardinals can use bird feeders with small trays, perches, hoppers or platforms. Cardinals also like safflower seeds which can be used if squirrels or black birds become troublesome. These feeders make it easier for Cardinals to feed and birders to enjoy their visits when they come around with their mate and young! Don’t miss out, attract Cardinals by selecting from the best in class Cardinal bird feeders below!

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Bamboo Hopper Bird Feeder
Bamboo Hopper Bird Feeder with Suet Cages has a wide tray filled from its hopper. The large bird seed hopper can hold many different seeds like: Sunflower, bird seed mixes, Mix nuts and peanuts. Feeder has 2 suet cages one on each end.
$ 40.95
Big Tube Bird Feeder
Large 20 inch tall Big Tube Bird Feeder with metal ports and big 4 inch diameter tube bird feeder. Has 6 special Cardinal seed ports staggered for easy viewing of your birds.
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$ 75.95
Bird Feeders Bird Feeder
Best in class bird feeders bird feeder is a multi seed tube bird feeder that has Quick Clean base with large capacity and 6 metal feeder bird seed ports. Great with sunflower seeds to attract most birds.

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$ 54.95
Bronze Perch Bird Feeder
The Bronze Perch Bird Feeder adds a classy touch to your backyard. Large capacity feeder holds 3 pounds of seed and combines the lines of Old World design with a contemporary flair.
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$ 69.95
Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook
Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook and garden hook is a stained glass hook. This Cardinal Bird Feeder Hook is a great garden hook for bird feeders, bird houses or hanging plants.
$ 20.99
Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray
Cardinal Bird Feeder Tray is a decorative bird feeder with rich stained glass Cardinal design. This Cardinal feeder tray serves various seeds with style. Feeder is strongly built on a one piece steel hook 21 inch tall.
$ 48.95
Cardinal Bird Feeder With Tray
Favorite Cardinal Bird Feeder is the Fancy Swirl Deluxe tube bird feeder complete with Dome, tube feeder and Cardinal bird feeder tray.
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$ 76.95
Cardinal Bluebird Goldfinch Stuffed Animals
Cardinal Bluebird Goldfinch Stuffed Animals are a set of plush stuffed animals. They are stuffed animal squeeze birds which makes sounds of their real bird calls.
$ 29.95
Cardinal Coffee Mug Pair
Pair of large 15 oz. Cardinal Coffee Mugs to wake you up in the morning. This Cardinal pair shows the Cardainal Kiss where male offers female a seed.
$ 25.99
Cardinal Easy Read Thermometer
Cardinal Easy Read Thermometer makes quite an attractive displayed. The Cardinal high definition Thermometer is a top quality Indoor/Outdoor Dial instrument that uses large easy to read numbers.
$ 18.95
Cardinal Metal Bird Feeder
Cardinal Metal Bird Feeder with extended Roof is a wire mesh all metal bird feeder with small tray. The tray is what Cardinals like to perch on to feed. The roof has a nice overhang to protect the seed in the feeder and tray.
$ 38.95
Cardinal Rustic Lantern
Cardinal Rustic Lantern will enhance the beauty of your home, inside or out. This Metal lantern is long-lasting, contemporary, Flameless Candle LED Lantern that can sit on a table top or be hung off a deck or patio shepherds hook.
$ 18.95
Cardinal Rustic Singing Bird Clock
Cardinal Rustic Singing Bird Clock with a clock face of 2 Cardinal song birds. This Singing Bird Clock is a 8 inch diameter bird clock. The Singing Bird Clock announces a clear song each hour with a Cardinal song every hour.
$ 18.95
Cardinal Thermal Mugs
Cardinal Thermal Mug is a set of 2 travel mugs. Each thermal mug holds 16 oz of hot or cold beverage. Ultrasonically sealed double wall insulation, reduces condensation and keeps beverages hot or cold longer.
$ 23.95
Cardinal Wall Thermometer
Cardinal Outdoor Thermometer is an James Hautman 12.5 in. artistic Cardinal Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.
$ 19.95
Cardinal Window Thermometer
Cardinal Window Thermometer of a Cardinal and Dogwood is an Indoor Outdoor window thermometer with a vibrant design on clear acrylic. This window thermometer features an arched top and bottom.
$ 22.95
Cedar Pavilion Platform Bird Feeder
Cedar Pavilion Platform Bird Feeder is a 24 inch long heavy duty Western Red Cedar Feeder. It feeds peanuts in shell or suet in its two end cages and holds 10 quarts. (Post not included)
$ 114.95
Cedar Pavillion Bird Feeder
Cedar Pavilion Bird Feeder lets you see all the birds on this large, high quality, open feeder. Removable seed tray for easy cleaning and it has a perforated bottom for drainage. The western red cedar feeder holds 1/2 gallon of seed.
$ 74.95
Cedar Suet Sunflower Bird Feeder
Cedar Suet Sunflower Bird Feeder is a 11 inch wide heavy duty cedar bird feeder. The center hopper can hold many different types of seed and suet in its two end cages. The hopper feeder has a perforated bottom for good drainage.
$ 49.95
Cobalt Blue Bird Feeder
The Cobalt Blue Bird Feeder has twin chambers to hold 2 types of bird seed. Blue feeders 2 wire mesh seed compartments allow for large seed like sunflower or safflower and small seed like thistle or sunflower chips.
$ 38.95
Copper Lantern Bird Feeder
Copper Lantern Bird Feeder is a classy carriage lantern bird feeder. Perching birds like Cardinals will love this metal feeder with extended perches. Elegant design has a brushed copper metal finish.
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$ 24.95
Copper Sunflower Bird Feeder
Brushed Copper Sunflower bird feeder attracts birds like Cardinals with style. Roof over hang helps keep this high capacity sunflower feeder seed out of the weather.
$ 49.95
Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder
Copper finished Triple Tube Bird feeder is a lagre capacity hanging bird feeder that can be filled with three different bird seeds. Easy to remove, threaded plastic weather guard top and tray simplifies filling.
$ 81.95
Copper Turret Tube Bird Feeder
The Copper Turret Bird Feeder can add a refinement to your backyard. Medium capacity feeder holds 1.3 pounds of seed and puts it in a classy polished brushed copper design.
(Note: Backordered)
$ 71.95
Deck Pole Squirrel Blocker Feeder
The Deck Pole Squirrel Blocker Feeder is a great 29" reach deck pole with a Squirrel blocker feeder. It is notoriously difficult to have squirrel proof bird feeders using Sunflower seeds on Deck poles because the pole can not be baffled like a ground pole.

Note: (Backordered)
$ 119.95
Metal Mesh Bird Feeder
Metal Mesh Bird Feeder with Roof Extension is a yellow wire mesh bird feeder for sunflower seeds. The sunflower feeder is an all metal feeder that will deter pests and resist squirrel damage. This 8" diameter sunflower bird feeder is a unique collapsible wire mesh metal bird feeder.
$ 24.95
Platform Cover
Cover for the Platform Bird Feeder that is 12 inch square. This is the plastic cover only that can used with a hanging platform feeder. Note: This is the plastic cover replacement only!
$ 15.95
Platform Covered Bird Feeder
Platform Covered Bird Feeder is a long lasting red cedar wood plastic covered platform that gives open access to a great variety of birds. This includes both the plastic cover above and Platform Bird Feeder below.
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$ 48.95
Recycled Hopper Bird Feeder
Recycled Hopper Bird Feeder is a recycled plastic large hopper bird feeder. The hopper style feeder is meant to attract and accomodates many different kinds of birds.
$ 39.95
Recycled Platform Bird Feeder
Recycled Platform Bird Feeder is a green way to enjoy all the variety of birds that this type of feeder will attract.
$ 25.95
Spiral Bird Feeders Tray
Spiral Bird Feeders Tray is a clear screw on seed tray that fits only the Spiral style of feeders. This 8 inch Spiral tray helps keep mess off your yard, deck and gives birds the opportunity to use fallen seed.
$ 15.99
Spiral Sunflower Bird Feeder Tray
Spiral Bird Feeder that the Goldfinches and Cardinals loves is this Big 17.5 in. copper color Spiral Sunflower bird feeder with tray.
$ 48.95
Squirrel Blocker Mini Bird Feeder
Squirrel Blocker Mini Bird Feeder is an affordable Squirrel Blocker feeder with unbeatable Squirrel Buster technology. This 3/4 quart bird feeder is not only squirrel proof but also useful with some larger nuisance birds.
$ 34.95
Squirrel Blocker Sunflower Bird Feeder
Squirrel Blocker Sunflower Bird Feeder raises the standard as a buster of squirrels. Feeder makes a great Deck Squirrel Proof Sunflower Bird Feeder. Very useful anyplace that the feeder alone is the first line of defense.
$ 42.95
Squirrel Proof Hanging Bird Feeder
Sky Cafe is a hanging bird feeder that is a squirrel proof bird feeder favorite and great fun to watch. Cardinals and larger birds make good use of the tray that goes all the way around.
$ 69.95
Steel Magnum Sunflower Bird Feeder
Steel Magnum Sunflower Bird Feeder feeds songbirds their favorite type of seed with plenty of room for all on its large capacity mesh feeder.
$ 42.95
Sunflower Seed Mesh Bird Feeder
Sunflower Seed Mesh Bird Feeder is a squirrel resistant metal wire mesh sunflower Feeder. The Sunflower Seed Bird Feeder is a very good bird feeder to attract many different wild birds. This bird feeder works for perching birds like Cardinals and clinging birds like Woodpeckers who go all over the wire mesh.
$ 31.95
Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder
Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder is a large capacity wire mesh bird feeder. This all metal feeder is squirrel resistant that clinging and perching birds will love to use. Works well with any of our Deck Bird Feeder Poles and Bird Feeder Poles. One of the best!
$ 39.95
Triple Tube Bird Feeder
Triple Tube Bird feeder is a lagre capacity 9 port hanging bird feeder that can be filled with three different bird seeds. Examples are sunflower seeds, mix seeds or shelled peanuts, etc.
$ 45.99
Wild Bird Tray Bird Feeder
Cardinals love this Wild Bird tray bird feeder with its 12 in. Vista Dome above. All purpose tray bird feeder is great for different bird seed, fruit, mealworms, etc.
$ 39.95