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Bird Houses can be natural cedar wood that are made to last a long time, or decorative with paint. Bluebird and Wren bird houses are most common and Bird houses can be hung or pole mounted.

Wren bird houses are design with smaller entrance holes sizes just for them which stops larger birds from taking their homes.

Bluebird Houses should be an all natural cedar wood birdhouse for long life. Their entrance holes can have an extra thick guard to block predators.

When needed use a bird house pole with a birdhouse to bring bluebirds and other wild birds into your backyard. Bird house poles can also have pole baffles to stop squirrels, raccoons and predators from climbing the pole.

Give me shelter from the storm!

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All Cedar Bluebird Birdhouse
Ultimate Bluebird Birdhouse uses Red Cedar for a long life Bluebird Cedar Birdhouse. Both Bluebird birdhouse sides open for viewing, has metal front predator guard and elevated bed.
Audubon Bird House
Standard wood Audubon Bird House made from durable Cedar for a long lasting wood bird house. Birdbirds will love you for this great birdhouse!
Audubon Wood Wren Birdhouse
Audubon Wood Wren Birdhouse that shows its hand crafted appeal of an Audubon natural wood birdhouse.
Bird House Baffled Pole
Great Birdhouse Pole kit with a baffle predator protector below. Comes with an adaptor plate mount so it is ready to add the bird house or bird feeder of your choice.
Bird House Pole
Bird House Pole is an excellent pole to mount your birdhouse on. It includes a stake ground socket, bird pole and bird house mounting plate.
Bird House S Pole Mount
Bird House S Pole Mount is a Birdhouse Pole kit with a baffle predator protector below. Comes with an adaptor plate mount so it is ready to add a wood bird house or bird feeder of your choice. Bird house shown not included.
Birdhouse Baffle Pole
Bird House Baffle Pole is a protected pole to mount your wood birdhouse on. It includes a stake ground socket, bird pole, cone squirrel baffle and bird house mounting plate.
Bluebird Birdhouse Baffle Pole
Bluebird Birdhouse Pole is a wrought iron bird house pole with a cone baffle to protect the baby bluebirds from predators. It is just the right height for a protected Bluebird Pole. (Bird house sold separately)
Bluebird Birdhouse Pole
Wrought Iron bird house pole is just the right height to be a Bluebird Birdhouse Pole. (Bird house sold separately)
Bluebird Birdhouse Top View
Bluebird Birdhouse with Viewing Top Sky Light and predator guard using cedar makes a long lasting wood birdhouse.
Cedar Wren Birdhouse
The Cedar Wren Birdhouse is a very nice heavy duty all natural cedar birdhouse with opening port designed for Wrens
Chalet Bird House
Chalet Bird House is a 2 Story birdhouse features a pine shingled roof and window and door molding details. Porch and balcony give this Chalet Bird House its charm.
Church Bird House
The White Church Bird House with red doors and black roof has a small town charm. The White Church Birdhouse an authentic look and gives the birds a nice place to setup for their young hatchlings.
Copper Top Bluebird Birdhouse
Audubon Natural Cedar Bluebird Birdhouse is a wood birdhouse with copper top roof accent
Hawk Eye Nature Cam Camera
Hawk Eye Bird Camera is a color miniature video and audio camera made for watching nature and wild birds. Bird Cam also has Infrared night vision.
Log Cabin Bird House
All natural wood log cabin bird house is a bird house thats made to attract cavity dwelling songbirds. Rustic log cabin charmer is sure to please.
Nesting Bird Wreath
Bird Nest Wreath is a nesting material wreath and ornamental wreath all in one. Have an attractive ornament and help the birds out too with their nest building.
Recycled Wren Bird House
Recycled Wren Bird House is a Recycled Plastic Wren House in hunter green/Ivory
Red Barn Birdhouse
Red Barn Birdhouse is a functional bird house with a metal roof. The Red Barn Birdhouse roof gives nice protection from the weather with a rustic authentic look.
Ultimate Nest Box System
This Bird House Pole is the Ultimate Nest Box System and includes no tilt ground auger, bird pole and mount for wood birdhouse
White Cottage Birdhouse
This White Cottage Birdhouse is a Shotgun Cottage Birdhouse in white with lavender trim. Nice decorative bird house for songbirds.
White Country Cottage Birdhouse
White Country Cottage Birdhouse is a pine shingled roof and covered porch with a lakeside cottage style that gives this fully functional birdhouse plenty of charm.
Window Nest Box Birdhouse
Window Nest Box lets you view the inside of a birdhouse to watch birds build nests, hatch and care for their young.
Woodpecker Bird House
The Woodpecker Bird House is natures best all natural cedar wood birdhouse. The house comes with shavings because normally these birds do not bring anything but feathers to the nest and so they think they have made their home. This bird house is designed with a 2 in. entrance hole and a hinged roof.
Wren Bird House
Wren Bird House is an all natural Cedar Wren Bird house. It is a traditional Wren bird house with the dimensions that they find attractive.
Wren House White
Wren House White is a cute get away cottage. This hanging Wren House White is designed to accommodate House Wrens.