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Bird Seed

Select the right wild Bird Seed for the right wild bird feeders at Backyard Wild Birds. Different Bird Feeder Seeds attract a large variety of wild birds. Sunflower seeds are the most popular with songbirds and the other seeds can bring around birds like woodpeckers to your backyard.
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Bird Seed Catcher
Bird Seed Catcher saves your lawn and clean up with its 16" diameter bird feeder Seed Hoop! Catches up to 90% of spilled bird seed and shells! Works great with tube bird feeder sizes. (Feeder Sold Separately)
$ 22.95
Bird Seed Container
Large 32 Qt. Bird Seed Container and dispenser with built-in spout. Convenient storage container for sunflower seeds and wild bird seed mixes.
$ 39.95
Bird Seed Dispenser
Bird Seed Dispenser is an 8 Qt. Bird Seed dispenser with spout to pour seed directly into feeders.
$ 24.95
Bird Seed Metal Scoops
Bird Seed Metal Scoops is two of the most popular bird seed scoops to fill bird feeders.
$ 21.95
Bird Seed Sampler A1
Bird Seed Sampler A1 is five 5 lb bags, a broad sample of different Bird Seeds designed for attracting the largest range of birds to your bird feeders.
$ 38.99
Bird Seed Scoops
Bird Seed Scoops has a Seed Scoop/funnel and a Big Dipper scoop for bird seed. Great to help the refilling of bird feeders easier. They can be used with all common seeds and feeders from small tube bird feeders to larger open mouth feeders.
$ 13.99
Bird Seed Sunflower Hearts
Bird Seed Sunflower Hearts in 20 lb bag of waste free bird seed because there are no shells. No waste means no shells to clean up or to pay for. Contains sunflower kernels only.
$ 39.99
Clingers Bird Seed
Clingers Bird Seed 20 lbs is an ideal seed mix with All Natural Seeds and No Fillers! These ingredients include Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sunflower Meats, Cracked Com, Black Oil Sunflower, and Pumpkin Seed Kernels.
$ 34.95
Critter Munchies 20 lbs
Critter Munchies 20 lbs is an ideal mix for feeding nature's little critters. Squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and Woodpeckers go crazy for Critter Munchies.
$ 28.95
Feeder Whole Peanuts
Feeder Whole Peanuts is 10 lbs. of nutritious treat that attracts Woodpeckers, Titmice, Jays, Chickadees and a lot of cute critters. Also works well in Squirrel Feeders.
$ 25.95
Safflower Bird Seed
Safflower Bird Seed is loved by Cardinals, finches, nuthatches and chickadees. This special 20 lb Safflower bird seed is perfect when undersirable squirrels or blackbirds are present.
$ 27.95
Seed Logs Bird Seed
Bird Seed Logs are two 40 oz. bird seed logs. There is a Woodpecker seed log and a Nutsie Seed Log. Seed logs are an ideal way to offer your birds a high-energy supplement good for year round feeding.
$ 24.95
Songbird Peanut Halves
Bird Feeder Peanut Halves is 10 lbs. of shelled peanuts. All Natural and No Fillers! A nutritious treat that attracts Woodpeckers, Titmice, Jays, Chickadees and a lot of cute critters.
$ 23.95
Songbird Premium Bird Seed Blend
Songbird Premium Bird Seed Blend is a 20 lb bag who's ingredients include Black Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Meats, and Peanut Pieces. Essential Seeds for Optimum Songbird Attraction and Health.
$ 23.99
Sunflower Bird Seed
Sunflower Bird Seeds in 20 lb bag is songbirds most favorite bird seed. Royal Black Oil Sunflower Premium Bird Seed is all Natural and No Fillers! Sunflower seeds Cardinals can not resist!
$ 23.99
Thistle Bird Seed
Thistle Bird Seed is two 5 lb bags for a total of 10 lb of Nyjer / Thistle seed. Is Premium Bird Seed of All Natural and No Fillers! Essential Seeds for Optimum Songbird Attraction and Health. A great attracter of Goldfinches!
$ 23.99
Woodpecker Nuts And Berries
Woodpecker Nuts and Berries is a 20 lb. bag of very special blend of seeds, nuts and berries. This seed attracts wild birds to feeders to get their fill of mixed nuts and dried fruits.
$ 33.99