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Bird Pole Water Dish And Arm

Bird Pole Water Dish And Arm

Bird Pole Water Dish and Arm are twist on accessories of a water dish and 12 in. hanger arm for 1 in. diameter poles. It is nice to able to add a water dish and extra hanger arm to an existing bird feeder pole. The water dish can also be used as a tray for fruit, seeds or nuts. The extra hanger arm extends 12" away from the pole and is always good to add another type of bird feeder or possible a wind chime.

The Verdi green water dish is 14" diameter and has a quick connect twist on hanger arm. The hanger arm has a curved 12" reach and is made from strong 3/8" round steel stock. The hanger arm is also a quick connect and both attach to a 1" diameter pole with a turn and a twist to lock in place. No tools required. They can be placed anywhere on the top section of a pole which is convenient. A good position is to have them opposite one another. Add to your system and let the fun begin!

Note: Bird Feeder Poles sold separately within this category

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