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Bird Pole Branch Hanger Arms

Bird Pole Branch Hanger Arms

Pair of iron Branch Hanger Arms for 1 in. bird feeder poles. Great place for birds to perch close to your bird feeders. Put these 24 in. branches on your 1" bird feeder pole to keep songbirds around longer. The 2 heavy duty iron coil hanger arms goes on with a twist and a rotate that wraps around the pole without having to slide them down over the top. The cantilevered branch arms wrap their coil around the 1" diameter pole and press inward to hold the branch secure. No tools required. Shown here on the same side but they can be positioned on opposite sides or any where you like. They can also be used to hang small feeders or suet cages from. A really useful addition to your bird feeder pole and bird watching enjoyment.

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