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Bird Outdoor Thermometers

Backyard bird indoor / outdoor thermometer and window thermometer with artistic Wild Bird designs on them. Also classy indoor Galileo Thermometer and a decorative metal Weathered Copper Thermometer. Assorted suction cup window Thermometer's make a nice gift and way to see the temperature.
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Bluebird Outdoor Thermometer
This Bluebird Outdoor Thermometer is a James Hautman 12 1/2 in. Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.
Bluebird Window Thermometer
Window thermometer with Bluebird on maple branch is an Indoor Outdoor thermometer.
Cardinal Wall Thermometer
Cardinal Outdoor Thermometer is an James Hautman 12.5 in. artistic Cardinal Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.
Goldfinch Outdoor Thermometer
Goldfinch Outdoor Thermometer is 12.5 in. artistic Indoor Outdoor thermometer from the Audubon Collection.
Hummingbird Sunflower Wall Thermometer
Hummingbird Thermometer with Hummingbird and Sunflowers richly displayed. What a gorgeous way to see the temperature ouside.
Hummingbird Window Thermometer
Window thermometer with a Hummingbird and Azalea on front is an Indoor Outdoor thermometer.
Outdoor Thermometer Big Numbers
Outdoor Thermometer Big Numbers is a designer edition outdoor and indoor thermometer. Perfect for any place where easy reading from a distance is important.
Owl Thermometer
Owl Thermometer features both a thermometer and hygrometer; this detailed owl weather watcher hangs securely with a built-in hook. The bottom includes a bell that chimes soothingly in breezy weather.
Songbird Outdoor Thermometer
Songbird Outdoor Thermometer is an James Hautman 12.5 in. artistic 5 Songbird group Indoor Outdoor Thermometer. (Backordered)
Weathered Copper Thermometer
Weathered Copper Thermometer is a decorative metal thermometer. The weathered copper finish thermometer is easy-to-read, easy-to-mount, and heavy guage capillary tube assures accuracy.
Window Thermometer Songbird
Window Thermometer Songbird of a Cardinal and Chickadee is an Indoor Outdoor thermometer