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Bird Outdoor Thermometers

Backyard bird indoor / outdoor thermometer and window thermometer with artistic Wild Bird designs on them. Also classy indoor Galileo Thermometer and a decorative metal Weathered Copper Thermometer. Assorted suction cup window Thermometer's make a nice gift and way to see the temperature.
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Bluebird Outdoor Thermometer
This Bluebird Outdoor Thermometer is a James Hautman 12 1/2 in. Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.
$ 21.95
Bluebird Window Thermometer
Window thermometer with Bluebird on maple branch is an Indoor Outdoor thermometer.
$ 21.95
Cardinal Easy Read Thermometer
Cardinal Easy Read Thermometer makes quite an attractive displayed. The Cardinal high definition Thermometer is a top quality Indoor/Outdoor Dial instrument that uses large easy to read numbers.
$ 18.95
Cardinal Wall Thermometer
Cardinal Outdoor Thermometer is an James Hautman 12.5 in. artistic Cardinal Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.
$ 21.95
Copper Clock with Thermometer
Copper Clock with Thermometer is an indoor outdoor clock with Fahrenheit thermometer and Humidity hygrometer. The quartz based clock has large black Arabic numbers on a cream dial.
$ 39.95
Goldfinch Outdoor Thermometer
Goldfinch Outdoor Thermometer is 12.5 in. artistic Indoor Outdoor thermometer from the Audubon Collection.
$ 21.95
Hummingbird Sunflower Wall Thermometer
Hummingbird Thermometer with Hummingbird and Sunflowers richly displayed. What a gorgeous way to see the temperature ouside.
$ 21.95
Hummingbird Window Thermometer
Window thermometer with a Hummingbird and Azalea on front is an Indoor Outdoor thermometer.
$ 21.95
Outdoor Thermometer Big Numbers
Outdoor Thermometer Big Numbers is a designer edition outdoor and indoor thermometer. Perfect for any place where easy reading from a distance is important.
$ 19.95
Songbird Outdoor Thermometer
Songbird Outdoor Thermometer is an James Hautman 12.5 in. artistic 5 Songbird group Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.
$ 21.95
Weathered Copper Thermometer
Weathered Copper Thermometer is a decorative metal thermometer. The weathered copper finish thermometer is easy-to-read, easy-to-mount, and heavy guage capillary tube assures accuracy.
$ 21.95
Window Thermometer Songbird
Window Thermometer Songbird of a Cardinal and Chickadee is an Indoor Outdoor thermometer
$ 21.95