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Bird Feeder Station Base Pole

Bird Feeder Station Base Pole

Bird Feeder Station Base Pole comes with a ground socket stake and base plate to mount a bird feeder or bird house. The sturdy two-piece pole is 60" tall (72" overall)with a 1" diameter. It includes a 12" ground socket stake to hold the pole securely in ground. The Bird Feeder Station Pole is very easy to install by following the step-by-step instructions on the package. Works great on a wooden bird feeder or bird house by attaching the base plate with 4 screws. The base plate is 6.5" long x 2" wide and has a thumb screw for quick removal and to tighten on the pole. Hopper or tray style feeders fit very well on this mount. Bird Houses 7" or wider also make a good fit. Holds up to a 30 lb feeder. A pole baffle like a cone squirrel baffle can be added later just under the base plate if you like. Pole is powder coated with a 14" ground socket. Place in your backyard or garden and let the birding begin. (Bird Feeders and Birdhouses sold separately)

Dimensions: 5 ft Tall in ground

Your Price: $ 29.95

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