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Bird Feeder Station Baffle Pole

Bird Feeder Station Baffle Pole

Bird Feeder Station 4 Arm Pole is a light duty Bird Feeder pole for 4 small to medium size bird feeders. 4 arm pole is great as a basic bird feeder pole with a 14" dia. cone baflle to stop squirrels. The Bird feeder station includes 2 sets of double hanger arms that have hand knobs for easy height adjustment. The arms each project 7.25" from the pole. It is easy to assemble 5/8" diameter pole that is approximately 6 ft tall above ground.

The Station pole has 4-piece threaded pole extensions constructed of 5/8" powder-coated UV-resistant steel tubing and topped with a decorative finial. It stands 75 inches above ground with a spaded 4 fin 12 inch ground stake to stabilize in the ground. Set the 14" cone baffle to about 4-4.5 ft above ground. When installing ground socket, thoroughly soak ground with water a day before and using a spade shovel pierce ground in an ‘X’ pattern. Place protective cap (included) over tube to pound base into the ground. Tap down ground until firm and you are good to go! It has a durable, black powder coated finish and is a great way to get started feeding the birds.

Pole Dimensions: 6 ft Tall x 15" Across

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