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Bird Feeder S Pole Squirrel Proof System

Bird Feeder S Pole Squirrel Proof System

Bird Feeder S Pole Squirrel Proof System has 4 hanger arms with 4 brushed copper bird feeders, weather baffles, a cylinder squirrel baffle for poles and ground socket anchor. There are 4 brushed copper bird feeders that hold all the birds favorite seed. The front has a 17" Cardinal Spiral sunflower and mixed seed feeder with tray, the right has a Goldfinch thistle seed feeder, the back has a Woodpecker double suet cake feeder and the left has a Titmouse and Woodpecker mesh peanut or sunflower feeder. There are three 16" clear weather baffles above their feeders and the Double suit feeder has its own protective roof. All of these feeders have a brushed copper accent theme and make for a functional and beautiful system. You can feed your songbirds the bird seed they love and not the squirrels with this pole. The Bird feeder S-pole Series has unique slot and pin joints to secure all connections.

The 90" tall bird feeder pole has three 1" diameter main pole sections that are attached to the ground anchor mounting socket for easy assembly. The four angled hanger arms have a 13.5" reach and are made from strong 3/8" round steel stock. The top of the Hanger arms has a decorative finial. The excellent squirrel baffle for bird poles is 16" long by 6" in diameter. Mount about 4.5 ft off of the ground and stop the squirrels by mounting the pole 8-10 ft away from anything they can jump from. This complete squirrel proof bird feeder system really shines with copper feeders.

Dimensions: Approx. 90" tall

Your Price: $ 279.95

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