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Bird Feeder Pole Systems

Bird Feeder Poles with Bird Feeders come as complete systems and are ready to attract wild birds to your backyard. Most poles already have excellent Squirrel Baffles or Raccoon Baffles below which automatically makes them a squirrel proof bird feeder pole. If you are not sure what poles or feeders you need, these systems are a great way to get started. The Bird Feeder Poles Systems vary by type and size from 2" diameter main poles to 1" diameter main poles and Wrought Iron Shepherd Staffs. The Bird Feeder Pole systems below offer cost savings by buying as a complete unit instead of individual purchases.
Need help? See our Bird feeder FAQ, placement tips and ways to have Squirrel proof bird feeders here.
Build it and they will come!
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Bird Feeder Pole System 3
Bird feeder pole kit has a Squirrel Stopper Pro bird feeder pole with three different types of bird feeders. Makes an excellent bird feeder pole system to attract all kinds of wild birds.
$ 299.95
Bird Feeder Pole System A1
The ultimate Bird Feeder Pole system on a Squirrel Stopper Pole. It's Bird feeders are designed to attract the most song birds while the bird feeder pole system keeps them squirrel and raccoon proof.
$ 359.95
Bird Feeder Pole System A2
Superb Squirrel Proof Bird feeder Pole with two large capacity metal Bird feeders - a Sunflower feeder and a Thistle feeder. This squirrel proof bird feeder pole system will feed a number of songbirds at the same time.
$ 264.95
Bird Feeder Pole System A7
Bird Feeder Pole with classy metal domes and two types of best in class bird feeders on a great foundation of the Squirrel Stopper Pole. This bird pole baffle is squirrel proof and raccoon proof.
$ 269.95
Bird Feeder Pole System A9
White Squirrel Stopper pole includes two bird feeders and bird bath. The Cobalt Blue Bird Feeder has twin chambers to hold 2 types of bird seed. The multipurpose tray feeder has an adjustable clear dome and has a bird feeder below.
$ 235.95
Bird Feeder Pole System E3
This Bird Feeder Pole is a very stylish squirrel baffled bird pole system with three hanger arms, and 3 copper tint baffle domes. This Squirrel Proof Pole is one classy looking system.
$ 169.99
Bird Feeder Pole System E5
Bird Feeder Pole System with two hanger arms, versatile perching branch, cylinder squirrel baffle and glass all purpose dish. Very functional Squirrel Proof pole.
$ 129.99
Bird Feeder Pole System E7
Bird Feeder Pole System E7 has a double hanger arm on top with a twist on third hanger arm and bird bath below. This bird feeding pole is a complete system and ready to enjoy with your bird feeders.
$ 135.99
Bird Feeder Pole System S2
Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder S-Pole has 2 hanger arms with 2 brushed copper bird feeders, a cylinder squirrel baffle, and ground socket anchor. Bird feeder S-pole Series has unique slot and pin joints to secure all connections.
$ 178.95
Bird Feeder Pole System S7
Bird Feeder Pole System S7 is a double hanger arm with bird bath and third hanger arm below. This bird feeding pole system is an S-Pole kit that has unique slot and pin secure joints.
$ 129.95
Bird Feeder S Pole Squirrel Proof System
Bird Feeder S Pole Squirrel Proof System has 4 hanger arms with 4 brushed copper bird feeders, weather baffles and a cylinder squirrel baffle for poles. This complete squirrel proof bird feeder system really shines with copper feeders.
$ 279.95
Bird Feeder Station Pole Kit
Bird Feeder Station Pole Kit is a medium duty 6 ft Bird feeder pole with 10" double hanger arms, single hook arm, water disk, mesh feeder tray and two copper electroplated top and bottom bird feeder mini pair. Includes a full size 18" cone baffle to block squirrels.
$ 83.95
Hummingbird Feeder Station Pole
Bird Feeder Station 3 Arm Pole is a perfect 6 ft Hummingbird Feeder Station pole that includes two Hummingbird feeders. The 3 arm pole is great as a Hummingbird feeder pole and has an extra arm to add your own.
$ 76.95
Post Bird Feeder Pole Kit
Post Bird Feeder Pole Kit has all the hardware necessary to make a bird feeder pole using a 4x4 post. Kit includes 2 hanger arms, 2 metal hanging squirrel baffles, a post squirrel baffle and a post ground screw. (Post not included)
$ 139.50
Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder Pole System
Raccoon Proof Bird Feeder Pole System has four hanger arms with 3 bird feeders and a large cylinder raccoon baffle that is made to squirrel and raccoon proof the bird feeders above it.
$ 289.99
Shepherd Staff Bird Feeder Pole
Wrought iron Shepherd Staff bird feeder pole that has double hanger arms and a 17" cone squirrel baffle to stop squirrels, just what a bird feeder pole needs. Pole uses 1/2" square steel.
$ 79.99
Shepherd Staff Iron Pole Set
Get wrought iron shepherd staff pole set, block squirrels with the 17" cone squirrel baffle and shield bird feeders with choice of 2 metal weather baffles!
$ 118.99
Squirrel Proof Quad Arm S Pole
Squirrel Proof Quad Arm S Pole has 4 angled hanger arms for bird feeders and a cylinder squirrel baffle for poles. End frustration and solve bird feeder problems with this squirrel proof bird feeder pole.
$ 114.95
Wrought Iron Pole Set
Classy wrought iron pole is an adjustable height Shepherd Staff pole with 17" cone squirrel baffle and Copper tint weather guards for bird feeders.
$ 125.99