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Bird Feeder Pole System E3

Bird Feeder Pole System E3

Bird Feeder Pole System E3 is a classy copper system ready to hang bird feeders. Bird Feeder Pole system has three bird feeder hanger arms, cylinder squirrel baffle and twister ground mounting socket. The Trio hanger arms use 3/8" round steel rods that insert into sockets and each has a 12" reach. Included are three 14 inch diameter copper tint weather domes for above the bird feeders. The three hanger arms give a great unobstructed view of the bird feeders. The 1" diameter pole is approx. 7 ft tall and has three sections that insert thru the black cylinder squirrel baffle and into the ground socket for easy assembly. This copper accented system will add class and style to your backyard sanctuary. Just add the Bird Feeders of your choice (sold separately).

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