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Bird Feeder Pole System B1

Bird Feeder Pole System B1

Outstanding Bird Feeder Pole System B1 has double hanger arms to hold bird feeders on, a black cylinder squirrel baffle, and twister ground mounting socket. The pole has three sections that insert thru the baffle and into the ground socket for easy assembly. Included are two 12" dia. clear tube top weather domes and a stainless steel wire mesh bird feeder and a thistle bird feeder. The wire mesh feeder is great for watching songbirds cling all over the bird feeder at the same time. The left 13" tall mesh feeder can be filled with sunflower seeds, peanuts or mixed nuts. Attracts woodpeckers, chickadees, nuthatches, titmouse, etc. The right 15" feeder has 6 ports sized just right for thistle or nyjer seeds that brings in Goldfinches. Stop squirrels by mounting 8 ft away from anything a squirrel can launch a sideways jump from.

Dimensions: Approx. 26" wide x 84" tall

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