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Bird Feeder Pole System A9

Bird Feeder Pole System A9

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole System is a white squirrel stopper pro with its squirrel proof baffle below. White Squirrel Stopper pole includes two bird feeders. The Cobalt Blue Bird Feeder has twin chambers to hold 2 types of bird seed like sunflower seed and thistle seed. The tray bird feeder with clear 12" adjustable dome above has a multi purpose tray feeder below. Both bird feeders have extended roofs that shelter their feeder seed below. The twin bird feeder has steel wire mesh screens just right for their type of seed. The 8" diameter Hanging blue bird bath has a strong wrought iron hanger.

The Cobalt bird feeder is 12.4" High x 9" Diameter and can be filled with the most popular bird seeds and will attract a great variety of songbirds. The multipurpose tray feeder on the right has an 12" diameter clear dome and 8" wide tray. It can feed mealworms to bluebirds or most any mix seed you would like to use. The 8" diameter blue bird bath uses recycled glass and includes wrought iron hanger. The pole includes a mounting auger for easy installation. This is truly an outstanding Bird Feeder Pole system with potential to expand and personalize with additional feeders or colorful plants. Get yours today!

Dimensions: Pole -Approx. 4ft x 4ft x 8ft Tall

See Squirrel Stopper Assembly Instructions

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