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Bird Feeder Pole System A7

Bird Feeder Pole System A7

Bird Feeder Pole System has classy metal domes and two best in class bird feeders. This Squirrel Stopper Pro bird feeder pole with a squirrel baffle below is an excellent way to squirrel proof bird feeders. It comes with a pair of 18in. diameter all metal bird feeder domes to keep the seed fresh and the weather out. The two bird feeders are top quality 'Quick-Clean' with easy release buttons to remove the bases. One bird feeders ports are made for Nyjer seed, and the second for black oil sunflower, etc.(which are the two most popular). These bird seed types of sunflower and thistle are a great foundation toward attracting a great variety of songbirds. The metal ports, top and base is antique brass. The tube feeders are made of polycarbonate which is strong and resistant to yellow fading and cracking. Includes easy to install auger to anchor in ground. This Bird Feeder Kit has room to grow with your interests.

Overall Dimensions: Approx. 4ft x 4ft x 8ft tall

See Squirrel Stopper Assembly Instructions

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