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Bird Feeder Hooks

Bird Feeder hooks and tree cables are useful for hanging bird feeders, hanging bird houses and hanging plant baskets. The Bird Feeder hooks or garden hooks can be hung from a tree branch, porch or patio. Strong suction cup hooks can be used to hang bird feeders from windows.

Products (Total Items: 4)

Bird Feeder Branch Hooks

Bird Feeder Branch Hooks
Pair of Bird Feeder Branch Hooks are 24 and 36 inch long hand made of heavy gauge steel. Great for hanging bird feeders, bird feeder baffles and bird houses in trees.
Price: $16.99

Bird Feeder Hanging Cables

Bird Feeder Hanging Cables
Pair of 36 inch limb protector Bird Feeder Hanging Cables with hooks for hanging bird feeders, bird houses or hanging plants.
Price: $11.99

Window Bird Feeder Hook

Window Bird Feeder Hook
Tri-Pod Window Bird Feeder Hook and Dome holds a window bird feeder out, in front of your window. Add window feeder of your choice and watch the songbirds.
Price: $28.95

Window Bird Feeder Hooks

Window Bird Feeder Hooks
Having a window feeder is easy with a pair of Tri-Pod Window Bird Feeder Hooks for hanging your window bird feeders on.
Price: $28.95