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Bird Baths

Bird Baths can attract backyard birds all year round. Bird baths can be free-standing, hanging, heated, fountains and bird baths come in metal, glass or ceramic. Create your own water display bird bath and the use of moving water is a strong attracter of birds. Hanging Bird Baths can also be put on Deck poles for an attractive addition to help birds and get to see them.

Copper bird baths are natural anti-bacterial. Bird bath solar fountains provide continuously circulating water bubbler or fountain for your birds. This is great because moving water is a strong attracter of birds.

Water necessary for life, completes any Bird Sanctuary! Make water available to your backyard birds!

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Bird Bath Dark Copper
Bird Bath Dark Copper is one classy looking bird bath that makes quite a statement in your backyard garden with its dark copper finish. Its graduated bowl accomdates a variety of birds.
$ 68.95
Bird Bath Heater
Bird Bath Heater and De-Icer keeps bird baths ice free in winter time. The bird bath heater has a built in thermostat that only runs below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.
$ 49.95
Bird Bath Water Wiggler
Bird Bath Water Wiggler moves bird bath water to attract birds and keeps mosquitos down.
$ 33.99
Blue Porcelain Bird Bath
Blue Porcelain Bird Bath is a decorative cobalt blue circle bowl design with a strong metal stand. The blue bird bath is a made from durable and attractive porcelain stoneware that will withstand outdoor exposure. (ON BACKORDER)
$ 59.95
Butterfly Trio Hanging Birdbath
Butterfly Trio Hanging Birdbath says class in your backyard, this bird bath with chain has a 3" depth and 15" diameter.
$ 27.95
Copper Embossed Rim Bird Bath
Copper embossed rim bird bath adds style to a backyard patio or garden. Works well with the Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain or Copper Lotus flower Dripper Fountain.
$ 59.95
Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain
Copper Hummingbird Dripper Fountain has moving water and sounds that attract birds!
$ 57.95
Copper Lotus Dripper Fountain
Copper Lotus flower Dripper Fountain attract birds with the sights and sounds of running water!
$ 54.95
Deck Clamp Bird Bath
Deck Clamp Bird Bath is a rail clamp mount bird bath. The bird bath adjustable clamp mount is designed to accommodate most deck rails up to 2" thick.
$ 35.95
Deck Heated Bird Bath 3 Mounts
Heated Bird Bath with deck, post and ground mount is a birdbath with a built in 75 watt heater that operates automatically to keep water from freezing down to -20 degrees F.
$ 49.95
Glass Bird Bath Iron Stake
Glass Bird Bath Iron Stand has your choice of glass bird bath, wrought iron cradle and wrought iron bronze stake as a complete set.
$ 67.95
Hammered Copper Bird Bath
Hammered Copper Bird Bath includes copper bowl with wrought iron bronze stake. Classy backyard Bird Bath!
$ 73.99
Hammered Copper Bird Bath Set
Hammered Copper Bird Bath Set includes copper bowl, wrought iron Bird Bath cradle and bronze stake. Classy backyard Bird Bath!
$ 94.99
Hanging Aqua Glass Bird Bath
Hanging Aqua Glass Bird Bath is a recycled glass bird bath that has a strong wire frame to support it. The 8" colored glass bird bath makes a nice addition hanging on a multi arm bird feeder pole.
$ 27.95
Hanging Ceramic Bird Bath
Burnt Spice Hanging Ceramic Bird Bath adds style to a backyard patio or garden. This 14" hanging birdbath is a decorative ceramic bird bath with matching metal-tailed bird.
$ 36.95
Heated Bird Bath Bowl With Pedestal
Heated Bird Bath Bowl with Pedestal is thermostatically controlled to keep water ice free and the bird bath usable all winter long.
$ 108.99
Heated Bird Bath With Metal Stand
API Heated Bird bath with Metal Stand is just what birds need in a heated winter bird bath.
$ 99.95
Heated Birdbath Deicer
Heated Birdbath Deicer is like a heated rock thermostatically controlled to work below 35 deg. The 75 watt heater works in any size birdbath and operates automatically to keep water from freezing down to -20 F.
$ 43.95
Hummingbird Mister
Hummingbird Mister attaches to a garden hose and produces a fine spray that Hummingbirds love to fly through.
$ 24.95
Metal Stand Bird Bath
Metal Stand Bird Bath is a nice metal frame bird bath with a 14" diameter dish. Unobtrusive bird bath is a great addition to your outdoor decor and natural attraction to bring in wild birds. Also available in terra cotta and black color bowl.
$ 33.95
Pedestal Bird Bath Antique Copper
Pedestal Lily Leaf Bird Bath in Antique Copper finish. This bird bath adds class to any backyard bird sanctuary.
$ 32.95
Red Flame Birdbath with Stand
Red Flame Birdbath with Stand is a 24 inch high Bird Bath with three prong metal stand. The Red Flame glass Bird bath 12" bowl has a red and gold finish and makes an attractive accent
$ 31.99
Solar Lily Pond Fountain
Solar Lily Pond Fountain is a pond floating fountain powered by solar cells. The solar Lily Fountain jet stream of water will vary with the intesity of the sun.
$ 55.95
Solid Copper Bird Bath
Solid Copper Bird Bath adds style to a backyard patio or garden. The Solid Copper Bird Bath is a copper bird bath bowl and twig like metal base. The bird bath stake features a handsome scrolled flower twig vine.
$ 84.95
Wood Frame Hanging Bird Bath
Wood Frame Hanging Bird Bath is a decorative bird bath that can be hung on a bird feeder pole or tree. 19" Western Red Cedar wood frame bird bath lets you attract birds in style.
$ 37.95
Yellow Sunflower Bird Bath
Yellow Sunflower Bird Bath is a decorative yellow glass bird bath with a metal stand. The Glass Bird Bath of a Sunflower is constructed of high quality glass, is a beautiful detailed design.
$ 48.95